Travel Journal of Eadwig (Au 37 – 41, 59AD)

37th of fall

               The fog and mist brings worry of bandits. I have joined company with the heroes on the road to White Run Fort. They pursue band of barbarians of which one of the present company, Borain, claims to be a king. Fortune is with me if the claim proves true. Stopped at the hamlet of Bogdale and spoke with locals in the Worthless Cat, the tavern. The barbarians passed through on their search for the wolf and bear. Heard rumor of a tournament hosted by Lord Nucid. Once I have gained the funds I will purchase a horse and lance and participate in such affairs. The locals also mentioned that a mercanry company by the name The Crossed Sabres is but a few days journey from the hamlet: about 3-4 days between Salude and White Run Fort.

38th of fall

               The morning passes with the hero Beth training a dog. The stories told of their deeds painted different pictures in my mind now that I sit and watch them.

We depart the hamlet. A battle identified south of the road on which we travelled found us exploring a small wooded environ. Within the woods, orc were identified laying siege to a tower. The heroes arrayed into two groups, one for each of the orc units, of which I joined the left alongside Borain. We joined the battle and decisively destroyed the enemy.

               Among the allies, all bore wounds from the orc. The only death was a dog. Fortune truly favors the bold as we were each gifted 10 royals. I have never set eyes on orc until this day, but those in present company state that these orc are disfigured.

               The tower defenders were lead by a man named John. All were dressed and armed well. They were a company of merchants and explorers. Their proximity to the river made this reasonable.

Continued east and came upon the tourney.

39th of fall

               The tournament was a spectacle. The king of the heroes accepted another hero named Grell as a retainer. The king the sponsored Grell as a knight who went on to win several rounds of the joust. With such capable knights how can the heroes be stopped? By tourneys end, Lord Collins of the Crossed Sabers emerged the champion and was granted a fine blade. The king then purchased the sword for his champion, Grell. I have never witnessed such largesse.

40th of fall

               We leave the tourney in a misty morning. By late morning, we ride around the crater city of Seluda and continue our journey travelling northeast. The woman, Beth, buried her dog that was slain by the orc at the tower.

               Later we arrived at the hamlet Hillgreen and stayed at a wayfarer’s inn. The locals speak of a battle with orc in the early part of summer. Something strange lingers as the battle is heard at night, and mine own hears heard it. The king of the heroes took ill and bolted from the inn as we slept. We all gave chase and found him battling the spirits of the past. I stood dumbfounded as the king was netted by Morgan. Secured, we left the haunted battle-field and returned to Hillgreen

41st of fall

               Dawn arrives and we awake outside of Hillgreen. By evening, we are five days from the mountains and arrive at the Fort of the Crossed Sabers. Their commander, Hal Gordon, was welcoming.  He confirmed that Borains people travelled through the fort but a couple of days ahead of us. One of the travelers was ill, but a cleric was able to cleanse the ailment.

My eyes were still in shock from the ghosts of Hillgreen as Grell rode his horse into the sky and flew away. Such a feat was unexpected and I remain amazed as I write this.

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