Letter to Jorann


Much has happened since my last letter. We finally reached Whiterun Fort. We met with the Marshal who told us that the Wildmen we were looking for were a half day away. We accompanied the Marshal’s man, who was charged with asking the Wildmen to speak with the Giants to find out why they were invading. We met them and Boraen was well received.

The brother of the Bear Tribe king and the successor to their Mother were leading their party. We agreed to accompany them to their Tribe where Boraen would be officially greeted as the King of the Wolf Tribe.

We set off on the 46th day of Autumn. We encountered one of the Giants. He seemed to be very old. He told us that the four of them were the last of their family of 10. The orcs, trolls, ogres and mountain ogres had run them off their land, and attacked them every time they tried to return. They had given up returning and claimed a new territory. Boraen asked them if they would fight with the humans against these invaders if the humans accepted this as their territory. He seemed to agree, and we left the Marshal’s man with the giant.

On the 50th day, we encountered a Manticore! To my shame, I was not up ahead when they met it, and Boraen and Pyria killed it before I got there.  We checked it’s lair, and found much treasure. Including a Magic helm of Comprehend Languages. Boraen was exceptionally gracious again, and offered it to me. We split the gold equally with all the Wildmen and celebrated through the night.

On the 2nd day of winter we encountered 7 Trolls. They did not see us and we successfully avoided contact with them.

On the 9th day of winter we encountered a party of Mongrel Orc-Men. The wildmen sometimes traded with them, so we gave them some items and traded with them. They gave us a carved totem of a Trollkin. We expressed interest, and usig my helm, I heard them say that they had encountered them just the other night. I very much wanted to encounter them as they always have much information, however, the wildmen believed that whoever talks to them will die.

On the night of the 11th day of winter, the trollkin came to us.Eadwig was on watch and saw my bag being rifled through and my signal whistle flying away. He was alarmed and woke the camp. I knew immediately that this was the trollkin, and spoke friendly to them and explained that they were welcome to it, and asked them to reveal themselves.

It took a bit of convincing, but they did reveal themselves and told us much. Including some very bad news that the Bear tribe had been attacked in their camp, and many had been captured and taken to Tuluk. They told us of an deep chasm where they were taken, and perhaps that is where the sword is.

They also told us of some warriors in a big stone tower, and to look for the broken town. We might fid people who can help there.

Our path lies clear….On to Tuluk…..

May the Light of Tangadorin be with you always,

Your Friend.


Letter to Jorann


If only you could have been here, oh what fun I have had.

We were on our way to Saluda, where we had heard that there could be some of this mysterious metal for sale. I had hopes of purchasing a sword or maybe even a dagger so that I could reveal this unknown lore back in Enonia. Perhaps I could gift the dagger to the Marshal so that many would see it and know of its existence.

We received word that there was a group of barbarians about 10 days ahead of us. We hoped to catch them so that Borean could learn the whereabouts of his people. We also heard that there was to be a Tourney near Saluda. I was quite eager to participate, but we didn’t want to lose the barbarians. We stopped for the evening at the gathering for the Tourney, and we saw the grand prize. It was a sword made of this mysterious metal! But more than that, I could feel that the blade was Magic!!!

I so wanted that blade, I can’t tell you how disappointed I was that we had to leave it behind. But even Borean recognized that this could be important and he agreed that I could try my luck.  I had ever Jousted in a tourney, so I was a bit nervous, but we soon found out that the tourney was only open to the nobles and knights. Again I was disappointed.

But Borean came to the rescue, he proclaimed me a knight, Sir Grel of the Wolf Clan. As he is acknowledged as a King, I was allowed to participate.

I made a fairly good showing for myself, and for Tangadorin. I made it to the final eight, but I was felled by an excellent hit. The winner was a member of a mercenary group called the crossed sabers. Borean had been betting on the outcomes of the matches, and had made a huge profit.

We met with the winner that evening, and Borean offered him all the profits, plus a bit more for the sword. He agreed, more from Borean’s promise that it would be used to fight the Orcs I Think.

Borean gave me the Sword! With it I am sure that I will be able to spread the word and fame of Tangadorin even better than I have in the past.

Letter to Jorann

Jorann, time is short and much is happening, so I will be brief.

A great battle has been won. We found a town that had been controlled by the orcs. Apparently they had kidnapped the whole town’s women and children, and were forcing them to help the orcs with their raids. We uncovered their duplicity and promised to help them free their people.  We crossed back into Irecia while the townsfolk prepared to follow.

We attacked some scouts, but one got away and warned them we were coming. They were prepared and quite numerous. Things looked bleak, but just in the nick of time, the townsfolk caught up with us, and with the reinforcements we defeated the orcs and freed the townsfolk. Much plunder was taken. We took some gold to pay for our expenses and vowed to turn the rest over to the Marshal.

A glorious battle! I will report again soon.

May Tangadorin’s light shine upon you always,

Your servant in His Light,